Carisbrooke Transport operates primarily as a box stall only service throughout the US and Canada.  Instead of running a schedualed route, picking up and dropping horses off all over the country, we travel door to door, providing specialty services for our equine clients. 

To maintain the lowest possible costs and shortest travel times possible, we try to book horses that share close origin and destination points, and we always inform our clients of the number of horses potentially sharing the trip, their origins and destinations,  and provide them with the opportunity to decide if they want to share the trip or travel on their own.


We do not transfer our equine clients to other transporters in mid trip.  All equine clients who begin a trip with Carisbrooke are delivered by Carisbrooke, on time, rested and safe. 

Our cross country units have a capacity of four box stalls each ranging from four 8x10, 8 foot tall stalls in our 53 foot unit, to two 8x10 and two 8x8, 71/2 foot tall stalls in our mid size unit. 

For our show clients, our 53 foot unit has a maximum capacity of ten horses with space for equipment and feed.  Our 44 foot unit has a maximum capacity of eight horses, with some space for equipment or feed.

We also provide ambulance service in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area for the University of MN Veterinary Hospital and the Stillwater Equine Clinic.

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