Comfort & Safety

New Equipment--Safe & Comfortable Air Ride Trucks and Trailers.
All Cross Country Runs are BOX STALL ONLY . Safer, easier on their legs--Plus, your horse has feed and water at all times.  For nearly 30 years, Bill has provided reliable, safe transportation without a single injury or illness occurring among his thousands of passengers.  His policy of frequent stops, constant monitoring and care, 8-10 hour over night layovers in the spacious 8x8 and 8x10 box stalls, insures that each horse or foal arrives hydrated, well rested, comfortable and stress free, regardless of the length of it's journey. 

Our custom designed and built air-ride trucks and trailers are specifically designed to provide the most comfort and safety for our equine passengers.

 The value of your horse does not end with it's purchase price.  Consider whether cheap transport is worth the risk of injury, stress related illness or developing a lifetime of bad travel habits.  Ship with someone who cares as much about your  horse as you do.

Contact Bill Meyer  (24 Hours) at (612) 750-6778